Even though all schools of painting deserve my admiration and respect, my obsession with detail leads me to embrace realism. Among the artists I admire the most are Wyeth, David, Chardin (please see “Reading History”) and Zurbarán (please see “Hand of an extraordinary man”) although a complete list would be impossible to compile. Of course, they are all a great influence on my work.
As a realist, my personality expresses itself through composition, palette, and the type of metaphor or symbolism I wish to express in the painting.
Non-figurative painting has lent itself to too much fraud and mediocrity. This is not meant as a criticism of abstraction. It is only an observation on how I perceive the current status of painting.
I chose to use photographs and am not ashamed of it. I use my computer to aid composition and am not ashamed of it either. I think with them you can achieve a level of realism that would otherwise be impossible. The type of manipulation that technology allows opens new doors to my creativity.
I always commence a piece of work basing myself on photos that are germane to the expression of a feeling, a thought, a sensation, the memory of a moment. I look for certain angles, croppings, types of stretching, deformations, colours. I experiment with composition, colour, saturation, but especially with light, which is the primary element in painting.
Painting, to me, is a beautiful trick, an illusion. It makes us see things that are not there, or perceive things that, even if they exist, we do not normally perceive. It gives us the possibility of creating fantastic realities. Of conveying ideas (please see “Charismata of the Holy Google”). Of sharing with other human beings things that we cannot communicate with words.
My paintings are not made to decorate living rooms, but they are not overly agressive either, nor do they seek ugliness for the sake of it.
Until now, I have not had the opportunity of painting as much as I would have wanted. I am now painting to compensate for that. I hope to be able to contribute through it. It will be a small thank you for all I have received.