Rafael Pintos-López

Rafael Pintos-López is an author, translator, painter and innovator whose activities and interests span Languages, Art, Philosophy of Science, History, Religion, Technology, Fiction, Design, Law and Architecture. He works from his home on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia.
An Argentine, he settled in Australia many years ago. He has a degree in Linguistics and Italian Language and Culture from the Australian National University and was Lecturer-in-Charge of an Interpreting/ Translating Course at the University of Canberra, where he also lectured in Spanish Language. As a translator, he was engaged for many years in international conferences, providing Spanish language translations for the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Health Organisation of the United Nations. He can speak English, Italian and Spanish fluently and has knowledge of some other languages, like French, Portuguese and Japanese.


He is the author of several non-fiction books, including On the Emergence of Human Consciousness, Consciousness and Time – A New Approach, and The Myth of Adam and Eve and the Endurance of Christianity in the West, the latter one also translated into Spanish under the title El Mito de Adán y Eva y la Pervivencia del Cristianismo en Occidente.
Rafael painted and drew the illustrations, designed the covers and the interior of the books, and published them himself.

On the Emergence of Human Consciousness

The second of Rafael’s books on the topic, On the Emergence of Human Consciousness openly criticises the physicalist view currently adopted by neuroscience and proposes a dualist, more comprehensive, perspective of consciousness.
The book advances the idea that human consciousness is a meta-evolutionary “black swan” event; that consciousness is a two-layered affair; hints that the neocortex is an exclusively cultural part of the brain and warns that any solely evolutionist approach to the study of consciousness will hit the biological ceiling, as layers are integrated but discrete. Human consciousness is an ongoing process, whereby children develop the cultural layer individually as their education and socialisation develops.


Consciousness and Time – A New Approach

This book proposes that human consciousness is a Cartesian dualistic, two-layered affair, that the layers are integrated but discrete, and provides the explanation that human individuals, as part of an altricial species, acquire cognition through an ongoing education and socialisation process that lasts several years.
The book also proposes that time does not exist without high consciousness, that it was not a discovery of cognition, but an invention that provided an answer to causality, long-term memory and imagination.
Time is only the measure of change and, as such, does not exist without cognition.


The Myth of Adam and Eve and the Endurance of Christianity in the West

In this book Rafael suggests that religion and science are only opposite poles of the same Western paradigm; that the Hebrew Bible was instrumental in the development of the West, that Adam and Eve were meant to be hominins, and that the ancient Hebrews were actually proto-Darwinian in that they understood the evolution of humanity as a species. 

El Mito de Adán y Eva y la Pervivencia del Cristianismo en Occidente

Rafael translated the book into Spanish.


He also published a book of short stories in Spanish, Con un Pie en Cada Lado – Cuentos de la Diáspora Argentina, translated into English as Astride -Tales of the Argentine Diaspora.

Con un Pie en Cada Lado – Cuentos de la Diáspora Argentina

This book was originally written in Spanish and is a collection of short stories, some published before in different magazines, some previously unpublished. It also contains some comments about the stories and information related to them.

Astride -Tales of the Argentine Diaspora

Rafael translated the book into English.


He has published many short stories in Spanish and English, in Australia, Argentina, Mexico and Luxembourg, in print and digitally through eMagazines. 

Rafael’s short stories and poems in Spanish were published almost every month in the eMagazine Encuentros en Recoleta from October 2017 through to May 2022.

He also published short stories in the Mexican literary eMagazine Taches y Tachones on several opportunities in 2021 and 2022

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